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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the move cost ?

Every move is unique and there is no fixed price.

I will provide you upfront with the cost of the downsizing and/or transition during the initial free consultation. The service options chosen and time it takes will determine the cost.

answered by YYCdownsizing

How long will the downsizing & move take ?

The time needed to downsize and/or de-clutter your home will depend on many factors. Only when I visit your home will I be able to give you an idea of the length of time we will need. The move to your new home will take one day. We offer unpacking and settling in services too. Extra time is allocated for any cleaning or delivery of goods to charities.

The process to de-clutter and downsize larger homes take longer to complete.


Where does YYCdownsizing work?
Calgary is our main area of focus, however we will work outside the city. Please contact us to discuss how we can support you in your relocation.

Can you arrange storage for our belongings?

Yes, we can arrange storage. We suggest using either a container or in a temperature controlled storage locker.

Our trusted Community Partners include:

  • Realtors

  • Landscapers / Snow removal crew

  • Specialist in Calgary Senior Housing

  • General Maintenance contractor

  • Medical & Financial Advisor

  • Insurance Advisor

  • Companion Service

  • Tree removal service

  • Storage solutions agencies

Community Partners
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