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Estie Watson

YYCdownsizing is led by me, a proud Calgarian, Albertan, and dog lover, who specializes in seamless transitions for clients. My approach is rooted in respect and friendliness—my team and I are here to assist without being overbearing or presumptive.

With extensive experience and a track record of happy clients, we make your transition easier. Whether downsizing, moving, or transitioning to a new home, our deep understanding and problem-solving skills ensure a smooth process.

Are you facing the overwhelming task of downsizing and relocating? I bring exceptional organizational skills, honesty, and respect to every project. Families trust me to care for their loved ones, forging friendships along the way while delivering peace of mind.

Count on our trusted team to work alongside you, offering the best solutions for your relocation needs. At Your Service. Ready to Help.

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"You have gone above and beyond in helping us to clean out our parent's home while I was stuck overseas"


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