About Estie Watson


YYCdownsizing is owned and operated by me, Estie Watson. 
A proud Calgarian and Albertan. And a dog lover. 
After working in the retirement industry, I gained valuable knowledge of the industry. 
My clients benefit from my deep understanding of how 'things' work and
how best to navigate the obstacles of downsizing/ moving/ transitioning to their new home. Out of the desire to help seniors came the shift in the focus in my career.
Helping seniors and their families makes me happy.
Are you thinking about downsizing and relocating to a condo or a retirement community? Do you wonder how you are going to do it all alone? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you family not close by to help? Call me. I know it is not easy to move from your family home or condo. Together we will make your move stress free. While my business is mainly focused in the Calgary area we will also support you if you need to move in Alberta. Reach out to me and let's see how we can make this work.
My organizational skills are exceptional and I am a problem solver. I am honest and respectful towards all people. My trusted team and I will work with you to achieve the best solution for your relocation. 
Families can rely on me to take good care of their loved ones. I have a patient and respectful manner. Clients become friends and peace of mind is part of the deal.
At your Service. Ready to Help.
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"I can't wait to give you a big hug. Thank you for all you have done for our mom." Loreen
"You are very professional and always on time." Colin
"Young lady, you did a great job today, thank you for helping us." Jim
"Efficient and friendly service, you are so easy to talk to." Donna
"Thank you for respecting my in-laws possessions." Carisse

"You have gone above and beyond in helping us to clean out our parents home while I was stuck overseas." Susan

"Tonight I can sleep peacefully because I know you are taking care of everything." Bill & Pat
"Your service goes above & beyond excellence." Carol

The video is of one of our satisfied clients, as she walks into her new home. The video was taken by her daughter. Thank you Mrs. Petite for your kind words.

**Mrs. Petite is an alias. 

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