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Tips from YYCdownsizing

Some great tips to help with downsizing, transitioning & relocation.

Choose your favorite pieces of furniture; that will fit your new lifestyle and home

  • Work within the scale of your new home

  • Decorate with your favorite accessories & art

  • Tell family & friends of your planned move, they may be interested in some contents of your home or garage

  • Be realistic what you can earn by selling your goods

  • By moving mid-month you can reduce the cost of the move

  • De-clutter by categories not rooms eg clothes or books

  • Notify relevant people/businesses of your address change

  • Cancel services no longer needed or transfer them to your new home

  • Start making notes of what you would like to give away, donate or take with you

  • If you are assisting your parents make the transition,  prepare them for the downsizing process.

  • Any confidential documents will need to be shredded

  • Go through family pictures and decide which ones you want to keep. You could transfer then and keep them digitally.

Wise words;
"Our memories are within us not within our things."

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