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Consultation / Assessment


We meet in the comfort of your home. I do an initial no-obligation assessment. You will be provided with a Customized plan on how we will manage the downsizing/de-cluttering of your belongings and the move. The process will be explained to you. At the end of the assessment I will inform you of the cost and expected duration of the transition. No hidden fees.

 Services offered:
  • De-clutter/Downsize

  • Packing

  • Overseeing the move

  • Unpacking

  • Settling in & organizing

  • Cleaning of your home

  • Disposal of unwanted goods 

  • Private shopping outings

  • Removal of garbage/junk

  • Interior design

  • Delivery of goods to Charities

  • Storage solutions and options

  • Selling unwanted belongings

No matter where you are moving from or moving too, we can assist you.
Your Best Life is Waiting for You!
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